Kim-Anh Schreiber is a writer based in Chicago.

Her first book, Fantasy, will be published in 2020 with Sidebrow.

Other Writing Includes:

Meatloaf a play in which Rose & Eros wander from house to house for 600 years, arguing about what to make for dinner

Kult of Konsciousness a play in which 3 flowers are stuck at home smoking cigarettes, awaiting the birth of a baby flower

Candy Ego a video project in which 2 temp researchers unearth a vast military-industrial bottled water conspiracy

Maze in 4 Voices a chapbook about women who follow a pink fade, are poured out of the world and into the darkness

In addition to Candy Ego, she has performed in Two Plains & A Fancy (2019), and the forthcoming films Lone Pair and Dream Team.

In 2014, she co-directed DATE NIGHT, a pop-up art fair in San Diego's Horton Plaza Mall that used the architectural framework of the mall ("more angles than a train wreck" - Ray Bradbury) to reflect the ethos of the city's artist-run spaces. With Morgan Mandalay, she directs Fresh Bread, a kitchen-based gallery and cookbook series that debuted in summer 2019.

She holds an MFA in Writing from UC San Diego and is a PhD student in the Screen Cultures program at Northwestern University.

She tweets @que_es_.

News & updates can be found here.

Notes & all can be sent to kim [dot] schreiber [at] gmail [dot] com.