PALACE RELEASES ULTRASOUND So I see my mother she says she amazingly hasn't been sick lately within one hour she feels a bit light headed then she feels a bit dizzy about 30 minutes later (charting every internal body sensitivity) then she feels a bit warm and has a slight headache and a bit later she feels a bit nauseous but is like moving around constantly and then the rest of the day she spends talking about how she might not be able to do certain things tomorrow until her ailing body gets better. watching Madonna videos from Bedtime Stories and prior… loving it Whole Foods gnocchi… don't do it. Put that… up over your shoulder. No, not the… where the bow is. Oh, nice. The other shoulder. Yeah. And then put it over this shoulder. And then in the middle of the conversation just Drop It I just appreciate you allowing me to be relaxed and put my feet up! Again, excuse me for sitting here with my feet up! I hope everybody understands I'm just trying to be comfortable. I hope you don't think I'm rude, having my feet up and relaxing. I was never one to get into scents and lotions. This is my way of spraying it… you just get a little hint of the scent. Again my little way… you just get a little hint of the notes. So just… spritz the air and then you have to walk and twirl, turn around and sit down and the fragrance will have enveloped you. I think these trailers for high end consumer goods are really odd. They're like just distilled aesthetic, presumably that of upper middle class consumer, with a bare thread of narrative. Talk tonight? What are you doing?

I have training in yoga and ballet. I do not meditate but I have an interest in levitation. Kim a man just put plastic food bags on his hands to pick up a package of hand soap he left I am in the antibacterial section of Smart and Final it was amazing to watch so inspiring. Kim you must buy aloe vera gel and mix it into juices morning and night very good for the body I am beginning to see an aryuvedic doctor Thanks for your thoughts. Women can. Be cruel. Probiotic 150 milligram aloe vera gel – gallon not the juice and mix it with a tiny bit of agave and water 8 oz of aloe vera daily. Galleries of content extend forever. She ascended the stairs one at a time. Note to self: Rewrite lies in the city. Each city walk. My sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet THANK YOU

So I started working with clay. Very therapeutic. I just started to work with clay! Did you really? And you were just molding it on your own? Yeah! And then I started thinking about clothing. My sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet… I consider myself a bit of a perfume historian because I love reading about what my idols of the past wore and what the notes were and everything and I like to collect samples of you know, vintage decants and vintage perfumes that are long since discontinued. I think that fragrance is one of the easiest ways for people like you and me to add a little bit of glamour to our lives. To ourselves. You spray a little perfume and it's such an intimate thing, you spray it close to your skin. It's something that no one can see, and yet everyone can experience it. Unlike a handbag that you put on, or shoes that you put on, a lipstick that you put on, your fragrance almost comes from within. And we are in sellout quantity tonight. You're gonna hear me say that a lot. The fragrance alone – the eau de parfum alone – is $50. You are gonna get – for 50 cents less – you are also gonna get the body lotion. This is 248025. Last call over 2,400 of these had been ordered. But really my message is that this is what makes me feel confident, this is what makes me feel good, I'm not gonna listen to what people tell me is the acceptable way, the right way, and that's why I love glamor. It's about the art of beauty, the creation of beauty. And you don't just sit around and wait for it to happen to you. You don't lament that you didn't wake up and look like what you saw on the cover of that magazine. You start slowly building it as you like. We should all wake up, we should all be as glamorous as we can be. I hope you're ordering yours. This is the launch of it in the United States. It won a FIFI award. It is available to you at an unprecedented value. Last show, last appearance before Mother's Day. Only $16.65 a month on your credit card. This is all about glamor, this is all about attainable glamor, buildable glamor, being able to do it yourself. Waking up in the morning, and that's how I feel sort of about getting dressed – it's, who do I want to be today? Mmhmmm. It's a theater. It is a theater! It really is. And fragrance plays what part in that theater? Well, I always like to imagine that when I have the right fragrance on, it's sort of like being followed by your perfect theme song. That is silent. You know? It's like, you are perceived as soon as you walk into the room. It's something that makes people want to get a little closer to you when you're wearing the right perfume. This perfume is not an overbearing, overwhelming scent. When you smell it you start to crave it, and people want to get closer to it. I think these trailers for high end consumer goods are really odd. They're like just distilled aesthetic, presumably that of upper middle class consumer, with a bare thread of narrative. Part of it is getting people to pay attention to the things you want them to pay attention to and not getting them to pay attention to the things you don't want them to pay attention to. My philosophy is that if I am open about everything and yet I art direct every moment of my life I can maintain a sort of privacy in a way. I maintain a sort of soulfulness that I have yet to give. Sipping on gin and juice. Laid back. What artists do wrong is they lie. And I don't lie. I'm not a liar. I built good will with my fans, they know who I am, and I'm just like them. In so many ways. Photographers say this to me all the time: I want to photograph the real you! What the hell are you looking for? I'm right here! You've seen me with no makeup, you ask me about my drug history and my parents. My bank account! I mean how much more real could I be? This is what I'm really like! This is exactly what I'm really like. This is the cup I drink out of every day. This is the diamond that I put in my coffee when I get nervous… haha. It's not a real diamond. It's fake. Do you have the diamond in your mouth now? Mmhmm. Yes: people take me both way too seriously and not seriously at all. I was really attracted to the word as a vibration first. It's a good vibration. After I spent some time with the word, I realized it was just me acknowledging something happening in culture. It's not really my invention or idea. It's the inferno of pop art coming around and turning inside out. It's the soup can art being put on the soup can. When I work on things that are art driven, it's a true collaboration. It is me giving myself fully to something. For example today: I give myself to the Venus. When I see art, or when I hear music, I want to hear everything that you've touched. Everything that you've kissed. Every person you've made love to. Every painting that you've seen. Every dancer that you've danced with. This is what I believe about creation: that there should be something put inside of it, like a present for you to discover. Like it's a little suitcase. You might find one thing that is original, and many things that are unoriginal. Things that are iconic that have already happened. That you were helping to bring them on to the future. Love is going to be very big this year. Love in a very pure ethereal sense. Like a beautiful white cloud. With glitter falling out for everyone to touch and share. This would be the trend that I would like to set. Something that is returning to the beginning… like a baby. It is the energy of the vibration of the music! It is actually inside the sounds whether I think anyone realizes it or not. I always like to have more fun with the music, and focus on the way the lyrics sound in my mouth or sound on the record. With the melody and the lyric as it hits off your teeth or your tongue. As it hits the bass line or the piano. I let my rage out on the record for you. So that you don't have to let your rage out. You can let it out through dancing. Everything that creates an emotion inspires me. A fragrance creates what you call a second life. What you would like to be without the rules of society. Fragrance should enhance this in you. The woman who would like this fragrance is in control of her personality and her sensuality. As a perfumer, when you capture what a woman is afraid to say, this is the most addictive part. My work involves destabilizing and defamiliarizing language. By decontexualizing the voice, I multiply its meanings, play them like chords. This gives agency to certain voices that often do not have it, like the young girl, who's maybe the smartest girl in the room, and maybe you're not really listening, or maybe you still don't like her. Maybe you don't want to like her because you only hear the sound of hangers rustling on the rack, and maybe you don't like what that sound could say about YOU. But she is trying to tell you something. SLAY, Mary.

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